談文車站|Tanwen Railway Station


Located in Miaoli County, Zaoqiao Township, Tanwen is one of the stations on the Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) west coastline. Along with other wooden stations, such as Dashan, Xinpu, Rinan and Zhuifen, they are known as the “Five Treasures.”
The station between Dashan and Zhunan, which was opened to the public in 1922 under Japanese rule, has been identified as a historical building by Miaoli County.



龍港車站 | Longgang Railway Station


Sitting in Houlong, Miaoli, Longgang railway station is one of the stations with the least traffic on the western line. Due to the surrounding area situated at the Houlong river mouth, the village used to be prosperous and bustling. Nowadays, Longgang station is an unmanned station. Passengers are required to use easy cards to buy tickets.

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新埔車站 | Xinpu Railway Station

來到苗栗通霄,別忘了拜訪西部幹線距離海岸線最近的車站 – 新埔車站。身為五寶之一的新埔車站,啟用於1922年,被列為縣定歷史建築。外觀帶有濃濃日式風情木造建築,近看車站內的長木條椅、牆壁都已斑駁不堪,歷史的痕跡更添其風味。

When you travel to Tongxiao, Miaoli, don’t forget to visit the most beautiful train station by the sea — Xinpu railway station. As one of the “Five Treasures,” Xinpu opened to the public in 1922 and was designated as a historical building by the county government. The old station features Japanese-style wooden architecture. Inside the station, the mottled walls and benches reflect the history of the station.

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石榴車站 | Shiliu Railway Station 


Shiliu station, located in Douliu, Yunlin, has a history of over 100 years. The hundred-year-old station built in 1905 and the nearby dormitory was listed as the historic architect by the government. After the renovation, Shiliu became an unmanned station with no staff but the platform only.

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天送埤車站|Tiansongpi Railway Station


Tiansongpi railway station, located in Sanxing Township, Yilan County, was built in 1921. It was on the line of Taipingshan Forest Railway.

As the scene from popular Taiwanese drama series “Autumn’s Concerto,” Tiansongpi, featuring Japanese wooden architecture, has drawn thousands of visitors to take pictures.

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崎頂車站|Qiding Railway Station


Between Xiangshan and Zhunan, the Qiding railway station features a flight of stairs, which resembles the Japanese movie “Your Name” ‘s scene.

Tourists are required to use EasyCards to enter the station and it’s free to visit the small station. If you walk across the sky bridge, the windmills and sea in the distance will come into view.

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旗山車站|Cishan Railway Station



Kaohsiung Cishan station, built from 1913 to 1915, has stopped working and was listed as the historical building in Taiwan. The station features the western-style rooftop and Japanese-style interior design. The combination of eastern and western elements makes it look like a house in fairy tales.

The railway has been transformed into a story house, showcasing the steam locomotive heads and cultural relics. It’s one of the best places for family to travel on weekends.

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竹田車站|Zhutian Railway Station


Built in 1936, the Pingtung Zhutian railway becomes the only left wooden train station on the Pingtung line.
The Japanese-style wooden station has been transformed into a tourist park. With the vast grassland in the front, the old architecture is one of the tourist hotspots in southern Taiwan.

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